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When I say "fundamentals" most people think "basics" which they place little or no value on, but nothing can be farther from the truth. Anyone can experience a flash of success, but to re-create that success time and time again, it takes strong fundamentals. Before you can build a sophisticated business you need to build a solid foundation to rest that business on. In my 30... More Info » 

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 We all know that we can't survive in real estate without clients. That sounds easy enough, but getting clients is perhaps the biggest challenge you will ever face in your career. Talking to strangers is never easy, especially when we are asking them for something. We all fear rejection, we are all afraid of being judged, and most of us will do everything possible to avoid being put in an uncomfortable situation... More Info »

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The first part of this episode will focus on maximizing your referral business. Everyone in real estate knows the pain of a missed opportunity when a friend, family member or acquaintance didn't recommend them to others. Our frustration is usually focused on the person who didn't send the business to us, but the truth is, we didn't empower them to. We all expect that our friends, family and past clients will be our biggest advocates in the community, but unless we continually find interesting ways to remind them that we are in the business, they won't remember to send opportunities our way... More Info »

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 Advertising is expensive, it has a limited shelf life, it may not reach intended buyers and there is no guarantee of a return. The advertising methods of yesterday no longer attract today's consumer. Today, consumers are more educated about the process, they usually start their search online, they want more information than an ad can provide and they want the information in real time. Yesterday we attracted consumers by advertising the "house"; today we attract consumers by building a strong branding campaign around "YOU". Doing this will reduce your expense, increase your return and allow you the opportunity to work with better clients who are committed to you, not the house. More Info »

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Top producers in any marketplace are always Listing Salespeople. It is possible to make a decent living as a buyer's agent, but you will have little or no control of your time, you will be at the beck and call of buyers, you will work nights, weekends and holidays and have less control over your income. As a Listing Salesperson you can pre-determine the income you want to make, manage your time more effectively and be in better overall control of your career and your life. The level of income you make is determined by design, not by accident. More Info »

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In the world of real estate it is often said "location, location, location" but real salespeople know it comes down to "price, price, price". Real estate leaders are always listing salespeople and worse than having no listings is having listings that don't sell. Failed listings cost you money, cost you time and ruin your reputation. In a buyer's market, communicating price effectively with homeowners is the difference between a "for sale" sign and a "sold" sign. If the objective is to help the homeowners get as much money as possible for their home then this is the episode for you. More Info »

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Have you ever been on a listing appointment and the seller hits you with an objection and you're lost for words, not knowing what to say? You pack up and leave, then in the driveway you get hit with an "ah ha" and you think "if I had only said this" and then briefly wrestle with the idea of going back to the door but you decide to drive away saying to yourself "next time". The same situation happens with both buyers and sellers and a key cornerstone to a successful sales career is the ability to handle client objections. Every salesperson should have at least 3 good objection handling dialogues for each buyer and seller objection. If you were hit with an objection and a response rolled out of you like it was automatic, how confident would you appear in front of your clients? How many more listings would you sign? How many more sales would you close? More Info »

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The first part of this episode will focus on how to maximize your buyer opportunities. Have you ever spent hours driving buyer prospects around only to find out they weren't ready or able to move? Have you ever been relaxing on a Sunday afternoon in your backyard when you get the dreaded call from a buyer who urgently needs to see a house that minute, and you race out to show them the house only to find out they are already working with another salesperson who wasn't available that day? Are you tired of working for free and not having control over your time? You're not alone. Every salesperson has experienced this at some point in their career. The question is, are you going to repeat the same mistakes, hoping through a sheer volume of opportunities to eventually find your way to the closing table? More Info »

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Are there days when you go to work and at the end of the day you feel like you didn't accomplish anything? Do you know how much you want to earn this year but you're not sure how to get there? Has your confidence ever been rattled by the inconsistency in your income? Have you ever second-guessed yourself about where your next paycheck is coming from? You're not alone.

Financial uncertainty creates emotion instability and desperation can cause you to work with the wrong clients under the wrong conditions with unfavorable results. The solution is having a clear picture about where you want your business to go and exactly how you are going to get there. Most salespeople live from closing to closing, never certain where their next paycheck is coming from. We want you to build a business by design, not by accident. More Info »

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The first part of this episode will focus on time management and how to get more done in less time. The cliché goes "time is money" but in reality "time is life". For every hour you spend working, you are trading a piece of your life, a piece you can never get back. When you look at it from that perspective, your time is perhaps the most valuable resource you have. How often have you allowed a prospect to steal your time? Have you ever felt that when you are at work you should be at home and when you are at home you should be at work – you feel guilty in all areas of your life? Understanding the value of time and how to manage it properly will intensify your focus and direct your energy to the critical activities that matter most. We will teach you 22 techniques to organize your work life so you can get the most out of each day and still have time for family and friends. More Info »

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